Following our humble beginnings back in 2017 from the innovative mind of Founder Quinnell Williams, Politically Urban was born. Being Politically Urban means boldly walking in your purpose internally while expressing yourself fashionably. To be a leader, creator, and truth seeker who unifies community and culture. Our mission is to bring fashion sense to our customers transitioning into their best self. 

The Black man and women image in America has been represented in a narrow and negative way. Our brand does not only create designs to bring positivity to the black image but to also bring unity to the black family. There is diversity in blackness and we intend to normalize this experience. 

Our brand also believes fashion and sustainability should go hand in hand. We want to help save the planet so we source our garments from eco-friendly wholesalers who are also sweatshop free. 

Thank you for visiting Politically Urban and we are proud  to have you on our journey to make a timeless impact.

"Politically Unified Requires Bond And Nurture."